Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter! (and some other mumble jumble)

First: He is risen! Alleluia!

That our Lord is risen is the greatest Hope!

Next: My lent did not go so well. It was so busy and full of decisions that  I just couldn't really put off. But more than this excuse, is the fact that I sometimes--many times--just forgot that it was Lent. I forgot to offer up my prayers for my husband, just a short two weeks in. I forgot to not eat meat sometimes (I can't believe this one--haven't I been Catholic my whole life? What is wrong with me?). And being exempt from the fasts of Ash Wednesday and Good Friday did not lend well to my Lenten disposition. Still, the Lord reminded me that He is my One True Good, my Provider, my Salvation.

I've seen it written that the Lord allows you the Lent the He wants you to have, despite our best intentions. So maybe He just wanted my lent to be reminders of these attributes of His, because He knows I will need to cling to them as we enter into our next chapter of life. And that, if it is the Lord's doing, I will accept!

Lastly: My husband is moving to our new state next week in order to secure a job and housing. It's going to be a long six weeks without him. Please, if you have a prayer to spare, pray for him, and for everything to run smoothly with Little A and the little peanut while he's gone.

I hope you've all had a blessed Easter; my prayers are with you for each of your intentions!


  1. Happy Easter! I'd never heard that about the Lord giving us the Lent he wants us to have, it makes sense though. Thanks for sharing that!

    The Man and I lived apart for 6 months when we moved back to our home town. It's not easy, but can be a very fruitful time....which for me always means screwing up royally and then learning from it. So, I will pray yours is fruitful without the screwing up part and that the time goes by quickly!

  2. I think there's something to that idea. I think it's great to have ideas and goals for Lent, but I think after we give it our best, we need to let go of whatever "didn't go right" and learn from it. Good luck and praying for you over the next several weeks!


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