The L famille

Mr. L and little A checking out a geyser at Yellowstone National Park

The Cast

Mr. L: convert to Catholicism, adventurer, and my rock. Continues to amaze me with his strengths and sacrifices.

Little A: two years old, current interests are "watcha football game with daddy," and "Iya wanna waffle?," points to a picture of Nicodemus in our Bible and says, "Jesus uh talka Nicodeeeemus!"

Little A and me, waiting for Old Faithful (this is obviously a theme for us!)

Romeo Gerard is not pictured here; we only have one picture of him, a snapshot of him at eight weeks gestation from an ultrasound. I haven't decided whether I want to share him on this blog yet, as that image of him is so near to my heart. However, if you wish to see what he might have looked like, you can see from this video that he would have looked similar to this baby at the end of the video. Notice how the narrator says he has the "unmistakable body of a baby."

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