Free. Total. Faithful. Fruitful.
Our Lord made these vows to us throughout His life and on the day He died; as our true spouse, our bridegroom, He loves us freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully. By this model, marriage is affirmed and renewed on earth: our marriage to Christ and to our spouses.

Free, total, faithful, and fruitful are the vows of marriage in the Catholic church. It is by these principles that my husband and I, and our little one, work to shape our lives. R, my husband, and I made these vows to each other on the day we were married, and we continue to promise them to each other throughout our married lives.

In this blog, I am creating a space to write, to dream, to vent, to think. It is my space to put into words what I feel and what I know; I hope you--whoever you are--will think with me, discuss with me, and help me to live these vows for Christ.

Be warned: I am beginning this blog in the midst of my most significant personal crisis. Part of the purpose of this blog is to facilitate healing of my mind and soul. Be gentle, dear reader, for this ground is fragile. Thank you for reading, and I thank you for anything you might have to offer in this journey.

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