Friday, April 12, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen over at Conversion Diary today for 7QT. Please pray for Jen and her newest addition as they all recover! Hopefully they will both be sent home soon in good condition!
**Edited: The link up is over at Camp Patton.

1. Loving this song right now. Also, check out the artist's shoes.

2. Mr. L left for our new state on Wednesday. It's already been an interesting couple of days running solo with Little A and and little peanut inside. I realize now how important it can be to be able to bend over! (I'm 18.5 weeks along now, and it's getting more difficult all of a sudden!)

3. Regarding moving, things are going so so fast. And the Lord is seriously putting everything into place for us. In the last ten days, Mr. L was offered a job, bought a truck (for said job), and moved out. I had a birthday, said a temporary--but heart wrenching goodbye to my hubby, arranged walk-throughs of potential housing situations, attended a conference, and started looking into the daycare/nanny situation in our new city. The whirlwind has only just started, though, so I'm praying for the Lord's providence here. It's all under His control.

4. Little A was confused about the whole birthday thing. She wished herself a happy birthday yesterday morning, and then she wished her daddy one. Finally, by process of elimination, she got to me. Still, it was so sweet hearing "Happy Birdday, Momma!" come from her.

5. I don't think I formally announced it, though I've referred to it in passing here on the blog, but we are having a boy! I'd be so excited no matter what, considering this baby is thus far living and healthy, but we are very excited nonetheless.

6. With regard to No. 4, we're taking suggestions on names. We have some we like, but we need some variety in the mix to make sure we're making the right choice. Of course, we do like saint's names and otherwise traditional names.

7. I hope you all have a great weekend, filled with Christ's peace and joy in this Easter season.


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  2. I am so glad things are falling into place, continued prayers for your move! I like the names Blaise, Joseph, Lawrence or any that are found in the Mass prayers. Happy Birthday :)


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