Friday, April 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Happy Friday everyone! I'm really praising the Lord this morning for a Friday. I am ready for a weekend, ready to get moving. Also, so so glad Jen is back in the game. Praised be Jesus!

How to Quit Your Job
While I probably don't hate my job as much as this guy,
I am SUPER happy to be moving on with my life.
1. I'm giving my notice to my current job next week. I'm trying to give them three weeks or more, but even so, I feel nervous about the conversation I'll have to have with my boss. I'm just really hoping it is a positive end to the year I've spent there.

2. I am getting more and more excited about moving to our new state. This is going to be one CRAZY adventure--thank the Lord for his provision, because with out it, I'd be so much more anxious. Also, Hubby has promised to take me to the beach this summer! What's not to love about that?

3. I have so much to do in the next few weeks. I'm hoping I don't forget anything serious. I need to make lists, and actually check things off of them.

4. Last night little A says to me, "Mommy? The big bad wolf can't ride in my big pink truck (she is imagining the pink truck), but the Lord Jesus can. And He's gonna Loooooooove it!"

5. I need ideas for how to decorate our new apartment--where all the walls are white, and I am not allowed to paint. I am extremely bad at interior decoration, and have practically no patience for it. Pinterest overwhelms me. Anyone have any ideas??

6. Have you ever seen the movie Moonstruck, with Cher and Nicolas Cage? It's the best B movie evah! I once forced Hubby to watch it with me, and he teased me for months about the cheesiness of it. If you have seen it, you know about Cosmo's moon. (It's one of my favorite parts of the film.) Well, the moon has been full these past couple of days, and here in my area, it shines sooooo brightly.

Hubby called me last night from our new state, where he sleeps on an air mattress (which also serves as his only piece of furniture) and said to me, "Honey, I miss you. Are you looking at Cosmo's moon? I am. It makes me miss you."

7. Little A also noticed the moon last night. Except it was a painting of the moon, done by my sister for little A, when I was pregnant with her. When little A said, "Mommy! Do you see the moon??" I explained that the moon was a sign of Maria Luna, who reflects the Sun (Son--Jesus). She said, "Maria Loooooooona? Lord Jesus must be sooooo happy!"

I think it's the joy of my life that my little one knows the name of Jesus.


  1. Re: Decorating your new home... cruise around on

    Honestly, it's not as good as it used to be --- but it was that helped me figure out what my personal decorating style is.(mine is Mid Century Modern) AND helped me to understand what things (furniture) really cost. (then I was so afraid to buy the $500 vintage credenza that I love love love.

    IT's good for ideas, and especially making the most of what you have and what you can afford.

  2. This post made me smile. I LOVE Moonstruck. It's been my favorite movie since it came out. In fact, I was just thinking about it within the past couple days, for some reason.


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