Friday, April 19, 2013

7QT: Ridiculously Random, but then that's the nature of Quick Takes

These belated quick takes brought to you by Grace over at Camp Patton, while Jen and the little one (and family) get settled at home.

1. Remember last week when I said things were going really fast regarding our move? Well within a week's time, my hubby has established a domicile (that is, I reluctantly gave up control of this task, and signed a lease agreement without even seeing the place first). Hubby is convinced it is the right place, so I must trust. It has all the necessities on my list, and a pool to boot. I'm sure we'll be blessed with his choice.

2. You know how you go through stages in life where you have less friends than you used to have? Maybe it's just me, but I'm there right now, and it is lonely. Most of my dearest friends I left in Seattle years ago, and a few others are scattered around the country. I've begun to really pray that the Lord will send me a best friend once I get to our new state. I mean the kind of best friend who knows me and loves me inside and out. I really need a friend like that right now. The older I get, the harder it seems to be to find that kind of friendship.

3. Right now, really loving this song. It seems to fit right into my emotions regarding this last year (May 2012 to May 2013. (The lead singer of this band was a coworker of mine at Seattle University. Small world!) It's been a year of attachment and detachment, of looking forward, and letting go. Of much joy and excitement, and much pain and sorrow.

4. I'm spending most of today cleaning because my landlord will be showing our place to potential renters tomorrow. Cleaning is not fun, but I'm liking having things be thoroughly cleaned. I even busted out the magic eraser and buffed the crayon off the walls.

5. I haven't been able to speak of all the horrible things coming to light over the past week, what with the Gosnell trial, the Boston bombings (and ensuing craziness), and the explosions in West, TX. It's been a very bad week for America, and it's been difficult not to be so horrified that I just want to crawl into a hole. However, it is still Easter, and we are still called to Hope.

6. This little one (to the left) gives me hope on a daily basis, even though parenting her by myself right now takes a lot of energy that I don't always have. Children are such a testament to the Cross, by the great sacrifice they sometimes require, and by the great Love to which they witness. Having lost RG, I know I am so so blessed. Praised be God, the Almighty.

7. Does anyone know some good recipes/websites regarding cooking for just yourself? With hubby gone, I'm suddenly having a really hard time being motivated to make healthy meals just for myself. I mean, Little A will eat some of whatever I make, but I'm really not going to make a big meal just for myself and her. I need some inspiration!


  1. Prayers that the move continues to go smoothly - when we moved from our first house, The Man signed a lease to our apartment without me seeing it. It worked out great!

    For cooking - when I'm cooking for just me, I tend to go ahead and make the big meal (or at least the main item) and then have it for leftovers for lunch the next day or so.

    Breakfast for dinner is easy for one - and with it being summer, salads are good as you can vary them lots and don't need to make tons and tons. Finally, when you shop, buy like you would, but when you get home, separate into portions for one and freeze (we still do this even with two of us, that way if it's just one of us at home and that person wants, say pork chops, they can thaw just one without having to thaw all of them).

  2. That picture is the sweetest and that hair is amazing! I'm with you on #2; I do have a lot of good friends, but many of them have a lot of babies, so we're in different places in life; or they don't, but they don't get where I'm coming from when it comes to God.

  3. I can relate about finding good friends as you get older, it is like dating sometimes. I usually make the big meal, even if it is just for one of us and use the rest for leftovers or other meals or I freeze the meal for another dinner sometime. Our freezer is packed, but on the nights I am too tired or like now as I am recovering from surgery it comes in handy. Love your daughter's picture her hair is so cute!


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