Thursday, May 2, 2013

So Here's Something Weird...

...and I don't mean weird in a negative way, but just weird.

A few weeks ago we went to Marybeth's clinic, had a 3D ultrasound, and found out we were having a boy! The picture looked very clear. So we put our minds to work coming up with boy's names, even asked for your input (thanks Kat!), and started using "he" to describe little L Baby.

Well, today I went in for my 20-ish week ultrasound at my regular doctor (I'm 21w3d today), and the tech said, rather confidently, that we are having a girl! So.....weird.

I know this has happened to people before, and obviously I'd be ecstatic to be having either a boy or a girl. I'm just happy to be this far along and praising God for every minute of this. But I don't know what to think now, as both pictures looked really convincing.

I suppose we'll just have to be surprised when this baby comes along in September. And I s'pose I'll have to go back and tell people that we don't really know which gender we're expecting...which is only slightly embarrassing.

All in all, praise God (!!!) we are having what looks like a healthy babe, who, whether boy or girl, will glorify God (we pray) here on earth.

Incidentally, little L baby was clearly not as surprised/entertained as I was during this whole thing, because he or she kept yawning during the appointment.


  1. Very weird! Well, I guess it's better to realize your baby might not be a boy then to bring home a girl from the hospital and only have pink clothes? =) just kidding - you're totally right. A baby is a blessing, boy or girl!!

    1. (I meant blue clothes =)) Not that girls don't like blue...

  2. We are so used to being able to confidently know that this does seem weird! Not bad, though. Now you have to come up with boy names and girl names! :)

  3. I agree with both of you! Personally I like the element of surprise--it's hubby who is going crazy with not knowing. Luckily we have a girl's name (one of my FAVE saints) in the bag, so I guess we'll find out when he or she is born. It's exciting for me, but I have to keep my hubs from going nuts. :)

  4. Wow that is weird! How exciting to still not really know, I guess there are still some surprises in life :) I am glad everyhting is looking good with the baby, continued prayers! Side note: I am loving the contraceptive mentality series.

  5. Wow! I will say, at least you found out before s/he was born and weren't expecting a boy the whole time and at delivery being surprised with a girl :)!

    Sending prayers for calm and peace for your husband.


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