Friday, May 10, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: I need your advice!

Last week's takes were a bit on the depressing side, so I'm going for a little lighter feel this morning. I'm also asking for a lot of advice, so feel free to give it where you can! And as always, thanks to Jen, for hosting!

Not my actual hand, but looks close to my situation.
1. My fingers are swelling kinda fast. I really need to get my rings off before they have to be cut off. Anyone have any ideas/advice for this? I've tried the string/floss thing, and let's just say this wasn't a good plan for me.

2. I want to get a ring (in a bigger size) to wear in the interim, while we're waiting for baby to come, and I'm looking for one that is cheap, but at least somewhat classy. But, since this is temporary, I'd like to jump outside my usual boring-style box, and go for something fun. What do you think about this one? I think it also kinda symbolizes the reason I'm wearing this ring...what do ya think? Is that really cheese-tastic?

3. Praise the Lord! The weather has been so perfect here for the past three days. I am not taking it for
About six miles from my apartment.
granted. Little A and I have spent the last few days at the park as much as possible.

4. Since my hubby's been gone, little A has been acting out a little bit, mostly by being really clingy to me (which is fine). However, her behavior also manifests itself in her interactions with her grandma and aunties. When she sees them (a few times a week), her way of greeting them is to yell, "NOOOO!" and either run away or make a motion like she is going to hit the person she is addressing. How do I deal with this? It's strange because she only acts like that with people she knows really well, not with strangers, and as far as I know, not with her preschool teachers.

I've tried explaining alternative behaviors and explaining that she is hurting their feelings, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm not sure this is a discipline issue, because I think she seeks the attention, but she is trying to get it the negative way--maybe trying to control the situation or something. Any ideas for next steps I can take?

5. Can anyone help me choose a DSLR camera? I am not necessarily an aspiring photog, and I know next to nothing about cameras. I am also on a budget. BUT, I am in need of a good camera. Not just a little pocket-sized point-and-shoot. I need something that takes great pictures, something that works well consistently, and something somewhat user friendly. I guess I need a camera that I can grow into, you know what I mean? Someone suggested that I get the Nikon D3100. Does anyone second that?

6. Seven more work days until I am done and ready to move on! So so excited to close this chapter.

7. Ok, I need one last piece of advice: I want to get started learning at least one of my foreign languages over the summer with a do-it-yourself style course. I'll be learning Italian and Latin. Anyone have experience with a "Latin for dummies" type thing? Or other suggestions?

Once you've shared your advice, head on over to Jen's! :)


  1. The Canon Rebel XT is a great camera. We bought one used on Kijiji and have been very very happy with it. You might need to learn a bit about it when you first get it (obv!) but once you do, takes great pics.

  2. We have the Canon Rebel, uh, T3i. Love it. You won't go wrong with either Nikon or Canon, but the consensus seems to be that the Canon interface is a little more user-friendly. Does that help?

    BTW, GORGEOUS photo.

  3. Try ice or a cold water soak for your hand. It should shrink your finger enough that with the moisture the ring will hopefully come off.

    I don't have a DSLR (b/c I'm scared of them) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Canon Coolpix L110. It has a powerful zoom but is still point and click - but has lots of settings to do neat things with. There may be a newer version out now - but I'd say it's a great place to start - and is around $250 if I remember correctly.

  4. Hi there! Thanks for the comment on my blog. You and I do have a lot in common! I am so sorry for the loss of your second baby. So happy to hear your current pregnancy is going well. Have fun with the swim class! I may still decide to do it after all. :)

  5. Beautiful photo! I love my Sony DSLR, which no one else has, but I got it because it was a little cheaper and a little lighter than the Nikon. I really like it, but I haven't compared enough to other cameras to say whether it's better or worse than those. I do know that if I ever look into getting fancy with my lenses, it's compatible with Minolta, so I can get used Minolta lenses.

  6. Better late than never, I hope! I have some suggestions from my husband on Latin books: "Latin: An Intensive Course" by Moreland & Fleischer was the textbook he used for his Latin class. He did have a professor, but he said the book could also be used on your own. And he swears by the Cassell's Latin Dictionary.

    I wish I could also give advice about learning Italian, but he only got through 2 chapters of a book before his disseratation changed gears and he didn't need to learn Italian.

    Good luck!


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