Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Please pray with me... praise of God for His Glory. His Mercy. His Love.

When this girl is downtrodden, the Lord sends His Grace through many means, and I just want to praise Him for His faithfulness. Specifically, I am praying praise for:

*all you who read, commented, and/or prayed after my last post. You really don't know how much your support boosted me in spirit. You gals are the friends I long to have.

*for the healing He provided for my back, which happened much faster than expected.

*for M at Joy Beyond the Cross, who has done a great kindness for my family. I know she wouldn't want to be recognized for it, out of her own humility (so I won't give details), but I want to pray for her nonetheless.

*for M at Team Stout, a friend of mine from my old parish whose kindness and generosity toward me have always been without reservation.

*for the cooler weather coming this week, which helps me get through a day so much easier. I am so grateful for this small comfort!

*for the new priest whose homily was so loving toward women and their sacrifices, and who reminded me that the Lord knows it all.

Please pray for each other with me.

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